Step 1

Enter your Equipment

To get started you will need to add your Toro equipment to your account by clicking on the Add Equipment below. Bring your smart phone and take a picture of the model and serial number decal located on your unit. For walk mowers this decal is usually located under the rear spring door were the bag connects to the mower. On ZTRs the decal is located on the frame under the seat. On snow blowers it is usually located at the rear of the unit between the two rear wheels. You will need this 5 digit model number and the serial number to properly enter your equipment into your account.

Step 2

Download the App

Download the MyToro app from the app store. The MyToro App is compatible with devices using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. To check your devices operating system, click on the settings icon.

Step 3

Buy the PUC

Buy the PUC (portable usage calculator). The PUC is a small hour meter that can be moved from one Toro product to another. It captures the amount of time that your product is used and syncs that date to your MyToro account. Note: the App does not require the PUC to function, but your experience and the usefulness of the App will be greatly enhanced.

Step 4

Get Data

With the PUC installed, MyToro will keep track of your usage to display how long you can use your equipment before it’s time to change the oil, get a new blade, or put on a new belt. When the time is up, you’ll receive a reminder that service is due. Don’t know how to change the oil or what filter you need? MyToro will serve up how-to videos and diagrams, provide the part numbers you need for the job, or direct you to your local dealer if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

It’s your yard. It’s your pride. It’s MyToro


The PUC uses an accelerometer to capture the vibration caused by a running engine. It is tuned specifically to the vibration levels of the engines that Toro uses and cancels out vibrations caused from being pushed or driven across a surface, or trailered from place to place. Over time, all hour meters are susceptible to small amounts of "drift", but this should be minimal and amount just a few minutes spread over 100's of hours of being used.

Activities such as product usage or maintenance tasks can be added manually. In the activity or maintenance tabs, simply click on the red Add button and enter the task or activity.

You don’t need a PUC for the MyToro app to be useful, but your experience with the app and your product will be greatly enhanced. The PUC captures the time, date and duration that your Toro product is used. This data is used to track usage over time and is necessary to accurately keep track of your products maintenance and service. And, it allows you to track how much of your time is spent doing yardwork.

No. The PUC and the MyToro app is designed to work specifically and exclusively on Toro equipment.

Most people don’t do maintenance because they don’t know when and they don’t know how. We get it, it’s difficult to manually track how many times you’ve used your mower, and how long you’ve used it. The PUC does this for you. When the PUC sends this information to your smart device, you’ll have all the information you need to keep your Toro product tuned and in top shape and in turn keeping your lawn looking its best. Keep in mind that the PUC can be moved from one Toro product to another so that you don’t need to buy multiple PUCs for each of your Toro products

In a word, no. The MyToro app has a ton data and useful information. In fact you can access all of the MyToro content on your PC or any device that has access to the internet at The PUC and the app were created to work together to provide you the best experience with your Toro and your yard – any time of the year.

Compatible with Apple devices (iOS 9.0 and above) and Android devices (5.0 and above) using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. To check your devices operating system, click on the settings icon. Please note that pairing and connecting to Android 5.0 and 5.1 devices may take up to 2 minutes.

Yes. In fact the PUC was created with the idea that it can be moved from one tool to another. You will need to “tell” the PUC that you have moved it to another product by clicking on the PUC Assignment tab or in the hamburger menu. Once there click on the reassign PUC button and click on the Toro product that you want to assign the PUC to.

Yes, the PUC uses a standard CR2032 battery cell available at any store that sells watch batteries.

Be sure to pair your PUC with your smartphone and assign it to your Toro product before use. The calendar and the clock on the PUC are initiated when the PUC is paired, allowing the PUC to capture data. If you use the PUC before you pair it and assign it, the initial data will be lost and you will have to manually enter it into the MyToro App. So remember, pair before use.
iPhone – Connectivity between iPhones and the PUC is very stable. Nonetheless if you are having some difficulty connecting, here are some things you can try:
  • Make sure that your device is using the most recent version of iOS by checking the Settings utility on your phone. It should be 9.0 or above
  • Allow more time for the initial pairing of your device and the PUC. In some cases, the initial pairing could take 3-5 minutes. Syncing your device and the PUC after that should be significantly shorter
  • Try multiple times in succession
  • Try moving the PUC and your phone to a more remote location in your home/yard where your phone won’t be getting interference from other connected devices
Android – Android uses open source code, which means that they allow the various phone manufactures that use android to change the software code. In some cases this makes it more difficult for low energy Bluetooth (BLE) devices to make a connection. After making the initial device-to-PUC pairing, syncing the data after that should be quicker and easier. Here are some things to try if you are having difficulty making a connection:
  • Allow more time. On some Android devices the initial connection between the phone and the PUC can take 5 minutes
  • Try multiple times in succession tapping the cancel button before re-trying
  • Try multiple times in succession giving each try a different amount of time to make the connection
  • Go into settings and find the Near Field Communications (NFC) option, also could be called nearby device scanning. Turn this off and retry
  • Go into settings and put the phone in airplane mode and then turn the WiFi back on
  • Go into your phone’s setting and select Apps, then from the list, select the MyToro app, then tap the force stop option and try and pair with the PUC again
  • Power your phone down and wait a few minutes to clear the memory cache, then try again
  • Make sure that your device is using the most recent version of android by checking the Settings utility on your phone
  • Try moving the PUC and your phone to a more remote location in your home/yard where your phone won’t be getting interference from other connected devices
  • Try making the connection in a place where your phone is using a WIFI signal